Why Is Changing a Habit So Difficult?

Changing a habit is like getting out of your comfort zone and this is a very difficult task to undertake no matter how desperate we are to change a habit that we dislike in ourselves. Most people have a habit they would like to modify be it physical, mental spiritual or even emotional, something that does not please us. Habits become deeply ingrained in our minds thus making a change can really turn out to be complex.


Ever wonder why it is easy for some people to change while others just can’t? Well it all has to do with the subconscious desire. When you have that real burning desire on your subconscious level then you are more likely to get it without having to endure any pain. It can happen that you desire something consciously but your subconscious has been affected so you may destroy yourself slowly.


The trick can be helping yourself subconsciously want the change your conscious mind desires and the only way to do that is to look back and see the issues that may have been affecting your perception in terms of your behavior. This will help both your conscious and subconscious work in harmony to produce a great achievement. 


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