Who Are Your Companions?

If you want to be optimistic and practice positive thinking, you must look carefully at the people you are spending your time with. Do you spend most of your time with people who are optimistic and cheerful or do you spend most of your time, with those who are negative and who tend to be pessimistic when things don’t go well.


Optimists help us to feel optimistic about things. Even when facing a major problem, optimists can dream of a better tomorrow and continue to put their efforts into achieving their goals and dreams and don’t allow failures to interfere with them. By being around each other, people with an optimistic outlook on life don’t usually allow negative thoughts and feelings be expressed around them.


To be optimistic does not mean you deny feeling emotional about things that affect you or your world. Optimists don’t smile all the time, neither do they never cry or feel sad when things don’t go right. Optimistic thinking is simply remaining positive and accepting that failure is part of succeeding. This positive attitude is the gift that optimists can give each other.


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