What Dreams About The Back Mean

The back is one of the most dreamed of body parts and depending on the context within the dream, the back can have great meaning. Backs can symbolize many things, including your strengths, pressures, posture, and your position in the world. The dream of a backache or a back that feels about to break may mean that the dreamer is feeling overwhelmed or overwhelmed by the events of his life. Therefore, the dream is a manifestation of the feeling of doing too much with too little support.


If someone turns your back on you in your dream world, it may indicate that you have expressed hurt, jealousy, or envy towards that person. The identity of the person who turned to you again can be very important and needs attention. Repressed feelings of anger and resentment often appear in dreams, and returning the dream character to you is a clear expression of the repressed feelings of this nature. Looking at your back in a dream or being afraid to turn your back on someone in a dream may indicate that you are afraid of betrayal because of your personal or professional nature.


If you're dreaming a while back, it means you keep secrets from the people in your life, and I'm afraid I can't reveal those secrets and expose you. All kinds of naked dreams, including exposed backs, are an expression of this kind of horror. If you keep a secret, your subconscious is telling you to be a swach.


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