Perfection In Healing Hidden Self

Everyone has fears, passions, desires which are their own personal feelings. They are different from others who are part of this universe. In his psychological study, Freud mentioned that every human being, from birth, suffers from a great deal of oppression. This oppression is used by society. Because society is made up of people, it has agents who pass on social rules and customs from generation to generation that unite the individual. Culture and religion together form strict rituals that each individual must follow in order to survive. Survival is not a biological condition but survival in society.


The human mind has the power to suffer as much as possible, but it is sensitive to everyone who feels and experiences it. Life experiences are gathered in the home of the memory of the mind and often project themselves when faced with such a situation. These experiences are associated with every aspect of life. Love is an experience that fills your heart with passion, compassion, and gratitude. It is considered to be the most sacred spirit. But it is always opposed by social customs. Young people often fall in love and they become frustrated when they cannot find their love.


The cause of frustration can be multiple. Apart from love, it may not fulfill its object or desire to achieve it. People always want to be praised by others. He always wants to be the center of attraction. Recognition in a large gathering is an achievement that the human being has the right to from infancy to adulthood. Once you become famous, you begin to see yourself in a way that others interpret. This is a common problem among young people who admire their stars and begin to identify with them.


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