News Junkie Stress

Maybe he was watching CNN religiously to cover the war in Iraq. Or maybe you spend hours getting Fox News to join the US Supreme Court nomination process. You can surf the web and search for news. Your radio can be tuned all day. You can also read up to five newspapers a day to keep up with the latest news. You feel like you don't want to spend a single day not knowing what's going on. You don't feel up to date if there is a news event that you are not familiar with.


To determine if you find yourself overly stressed, consider taking a little quiz to determine if you are addicted to the news. Do you watch TV news for more than two hours a day? Are you reading more than two large articles? Have you left music radio for talk radio? Are you looking for news headlines for more than an hour a day? If you answered yes to the previous questions, you run the serious risk of putting undue stress on your emotional and physical health.


As a starting point, try to limit the amount of time you spend watching news on cable TV. You may have noticed that the news is updated every 30 minutes. This way, you can get all the information you need about the top news of the day just by looking at the headlines at the beginning or end of the time. It may take longer to hear a detailed report on a particular issue. However, please limit the viewing time to a maximum of 1 hour. Also, try to spend less time on your computer looking for news headlines. In many cases, it is enough to know the header.


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