Music: Sound Stress Reduction

Music is the soundtrack of our life. You may have been driving your first car while the go-gos were playing on the radio. You may remember singing “Memory” when you graduated from high school, or you may have had the organist play “Ode to Joy” at your wedding. You may remember the first time you heard Bruce Springsteen or the last time you heard Madonna. Regardless of whether your taste in music is contemporary or classical, chances are you have a favorite form of music. And you probably also have a favorite artist or band.


Musicians say that music can have a pleasant effect, when it starts from the mother's womb when we first hear it. As a result, in fact, music reminds us of our mother, which gives us strength and comfort. The study found that music is always the most relaxing, with a flute effect similar to Celtic or Native American music. In fact, research shows that any musical presentation helps to harmonize half the diamonds in the right and left brains. Music can be especially beneficial for those who do this. It provides a sense of accomplishment that in turn can reduce stress.


One of the best ways to relax is to sleep with a set of headphones and wash you away with music. Then you will be more involved in the music-you will feel that you are part of the music. If you can escape from music, you tend to forget about the world's worries. You should choose slow-paced music. For greater relaxation, attention should be paid to the silence normally created by music selection. Another common technique is to use work commands during a morning walk. In this way, the stress-inducing effects of exercising music are combined. This provides one or two punches that are guaranteed to reduce your stress level.


It's important that you listen to your favorite music. If you never like beach boys, playing the "Beach Boys Boys" CD won't calm you down. In addition, if you like classical music, but can't compete with Beethoven, limit listening to the ministry. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with your choice of music. It's hard to imagine a world without music, yet most of us don't take full advantage of the art genre. It is incredibly effective in reducing stress and improving relaxation.


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