Master the Art of Meditation and Make It Work for You

Meditation is an art and a practice that many people have come to master in their lives, and it has been proved to work. Meditation has a way of improving all areas of your life, including the social and spiritual areas of your life. Just as laughter is medicine, mediation is even a better medicine to the body and soul. Those who have made meditation to be part of their lives can testify to this. Just as you need to master the art of swimming or working out so that it can work for you, you need to master the art of meditation. The first thing you need to ensure is that you observe consistency in your meditation. The body works with patterns and rhythms, and this is no exception. No wonder you are advised to have specific meal times so that your metabolic system can adjust, specific sleeping time and duration so that your sleep cycle will adjust and so many other patterns every day. In the same way, the body adjusts itself to the pattern of meditation you have.


When it is time for meditation, ensure that there are no distractions around you. You should ensure that you are totally secluded from every other thing that can take your attention even for a split second. You are the one who knows what your routine is like, and you know the time of the day or night when meditation can be possible with the optimum quietness and peace. Also, the place in which you do your meditation matters. You should do it in a room which you can make a bit dark (do not do meditation in a very bright room or a very dark room). Also, it should be a room which is conducive for meditation. Make it very comfortable when you want to meditate by clearing all stuff (for instance if it is in your bed room) and even make it better by lighting scented candles. Make it peaceful by even including a live aquarium or a fountain.