Love among People Leads to a Happy Life

In this world, man has a common psychology to be happy. However, this is such a feeling that not many people can feel it. Most of the people today spend a major part of their time to gather wealth, which they believe, can bring them happiness. However, it is only after the wealth gathers that they feel unhappy.


Let us consider what the opposite of love, that is, Hatred does. Hatred creates hostility and hostility in turn robs one of peace of mind. A person who does not have peace of mind cannot be happy. In addition, when hatred reaches its peak, it sometimes results in physical violence. Stabbings and murders take place because of rabid hatred. Happiness, for sure, eludes both the murdered and murderer. So, why hate and be unhappy? Is it not better to love and achieve happiness? Alas, when it is so easy to be happy, a large majority continues to be unhappy.


Where the feelings love is inspires in people? Love feels a person with noble feelings: compassion, sacrifice, sympathy, and understanding, welfare of the beloved at one’s own cost, tenderness and sweetness. A lover is forever ready to lay down his life, if an occasion arises, for his beloved. In addition, he is more concerned about the welfare of his beloved. If in any event he is not able to get his beloved in marriage, he does not wish her ill. On the contrary, he parts from her, though sadly, but wishes her happiness in life.


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