Keys To Interpreting Your Dreams Successfully

The exact meaning of dreams depends on each dreamer, because each dream is unique in the mind that created it. There are many interpretations that are experienced in practically any object, object or dream of a person, but they are also open to alternative explanations of each object, person and place. People who want to analyze their own dreams use her dreams to make decisions or to control life problems throughout her life.


  • Immediately upon awakening, play the dream back in your head several times. Playing the dream back in your mind will help you remember those all important details that are so quickly forgotten.

  • Be sure to move quickly when recording your dreams. The dream world is one of the most ethereal, and one of the most easily forgotten. It is estimated that as much as half of the dream can be forgotten in as little as five minutes, and after as little as ten minutes almost all of the dream can be lost.

  • Write a quick description of the dream as quickly as possible, focusing on the key symbols and themes of the dream. Write down any words or descriptions that jump out at you. It is not necessary to write a full narrative of the dream at this point; simply record how the dream felt, some of the objects that were encountered, and similar details.

  • After the initial impressions of the dream have been recorded, read over your notes and start filling in the gaps. The dream narrative can be recorded at this point.

  • Look for a quiet place in which to start interpreting and analyzing your dream. It is important to choose an area free of distractions, and to concentrate on what the dream really means. If no quiet room is available at the moment, take a last look at your notes and come back to them later when you can find a quiet place.


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