Is Your Organization Causing You Stress?

We live in a society of like-minded people. We like to join churches, associations and fraternal organizations. We are happy to take part in the courses and magazine subscriptions. We just love being with other people, so we spend most of our lives in groups. It is certainly good - not just for our own mental health, but for the good of society as a whole. However, no organization is perfect. Organizations often create conflict among their ranks. Conflicts can arise between people at the same level or between people at different levels in the organizational hierarchy.


If you fail to find a viable solution, you may be forced to leave the organization. But you will leave knowing that you have tried to make a positive impact. While people hold leadership positions in most organizations, many groups lack real leaders. As a result, members of the organization can be exposed to great stress in the face of constant uncertainty. A true leader takes responsibility for the organization. He or she has a clear understanding of what to do and maintains a team atmosphere to get the job done. If you work for an organization that doesn't seem to have a leader, try to identify potential leaders. Encourage them to seek guidance and assure them that you will support their candidacy. Such a strategy can help reduce the stress of everyone involved.


Another problem that can cause stress is an uncooperative organizational culture. There can be a sense that each person in the organization is different, each person should be an independent operator. As a result, people within the organization may feel isolated and alone. The best defense against such a situation is healthy communication. Talk to other members of the group and see if they too feel an uncooperative environment. Then come together and face the person in charge. You may be surprised at what your small committee can do to bring about change within the organization - and you may find that your stress levels have dropped significantly.


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