Is Hypnosis a Communication with the Subconscious Brain?

Hypnosis is a very complicated field. Most people do not understand the process of hypnosis and its working. In fact, to some hypnosis looks like a magic. Others, who have a vague idea of the human body working process, ask the question whether hypnosis relates to the subconscious mind.  In reality, hypnosis is a process where a person goes into a state of relaxation and focuses on certain issues. A person does this thing with the help of another person, called the hypnotist. It is often said that a hypnotist can change a person completely. However, this is not completely true. Often, we can see certain changes in a person after the process of hypnosis, but the basic nature of a person does not change.


However, you can also go into a state of hypnosis even without the intervention of a professional hypnotist. For example, you are sitting at a college room where your professors are delivering lectures. Often it happens that you look outside the window and involve in some deep thoughts. This is a state of trance and can be called as a state of hypnosis. Now, most of you may ask how this hypnosis works.


To get an idea on the working of hypnosis, you have to understand the working of a human brain. Generally, we divide a human brain into two parts, namely, the conscious part of the brain and the subconscious part of the brain. Conscious brain always deals with the external happenings. For example, hears takes the lectures delivered by the professor. In other words, deals with the real things, while the subconscious brain deals with the emotions, thinking and feelings of a human being. For example, after the professor delivers the lecture, your conscious mind catches the words of the lecture and sends them to the subconscious mind, which does the further thinking related to the subject.


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