Imagining Your Way To Stress Reduction

It can start with a picture of your beach in the evening. You have big blue waves moving along the coast ... clear sand in the foreground ... gently drawing a setting of the sun in the west. You can imagine flying easily along the coast and children building a sand castle on the shore. It was an image you could take with you when you started labor. What you learned in your childbirth class can be a relaxation technique. Or you may have imagined how white blood cells use cancer cells in your system.


Another well-known picture is the exercise pen. Imagine a spring floating along a mountain ... by a river ... and in a field. Think of yourself as that feather. Notice how light and airy you are like a feather. Imagine there are no worries in the world, nowhere, no visits. You are just feathers enjoying your place in the sun. Or imagine a drop of water in the ocean. Gently flow back and forth as the water moves peacefully along the shore. Don't let anything bother you. Your only goal in life is to be happy. But what if you try the pictures and don't think it will work? The trick can be practice.


You need to be committed to succeed with the film. If you want to stop, continue the picture. This way, you will be able to overcome any fears you may have. Over time, the image becomes completely natural. Whenever you face a stressful situation, you can return to your peaceful place ... imagine yourself as a wave of the sea ... or imagine yourself as a feather. It may seem awkward, but it is a very effective way to reduce your stress levels.


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