Healing Plants With Reiki

Reiki is well known for the many beneficial healing it can bring to humans and animals, but did you know it can also be used to help nature including plants and trees? That is because the healing does not flow only to those that ask for it. Healing energy is infinite and flows everywhere. It is only as humans that we have learned to harness and use it.

There is scientific research that shows loving thoughts and actions towards plants actually stimulates their growth. Just imagine, adding Reiki healing into this mix, especially if your plant has developed a fungus or an ailment, or it just looks unhappy and you cannot physical discern the reason.

Reiki can energize your plants, or garden and you will be able to see the response.

Using Reiki On Plants

It is always best to start with the roots of a plant when directing Reiki healing to them. In fact, reiki can actually be used on a plant in the seed stage, to give it the best chance of growing to its full potential. Of course, you still need to ensure you give the plant what it needs physically, such as water, sunshine and the occasional nutrients, but Reiki will enhance its growth.

Cut Flowers

By using Reiki on a bunch of flowers you have received, you will help to extend its life and the blooms will look radiant for longer.

Why not experiment on different plants, flowers, vegetables or fruits. In fact, you can use your Reiki skills on anything living and you will be fascinated by the results.