Healing Part Two

he most important thing to know before treating someone is to heal yourself. Free yourself from any negativity and stay positive. In this way, your enthusiasm will be transmitted to your patient. There are many things you need to look for in Reiki therapy and you need to protect yourself and cleanse your face and Reiki on a daily basis. They can control the emotions of the patient you are treating. Compassionate people pick up on other emotions and sometimes it is a problem for them too. Practitioners can also use their life force instead of the universal force. That is why it is so important to join Reiki. You will use a global power, not your own energy that will destroy you very soon.


Love yourself and accept yourself before doing the same to others. It sounds simple, but some people never detect it. If they don't like themselves, how can you help them overcome their problems? Keep your intentions pure and true for the Reiki Universal Life Force. Just have good thoughts, good prayers, and good dreams. Remembering that if you have fatal thoughts in your heart, then Reiki will not flow. Keep everything positive and excited. Be careful with the different energy flows of the patient and do not get caught up in them. This is easy to do because its energy can freeze you. You must ask the patient to break their energy block and start over. You can also ground yourself using breathing or visionary techniques.


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