Getting in Touch with Your Inner Self

How often have you heard the old saying “I’m too busy to think?” All too often, this is true for most of us. Someone has said if we are “too busy to think, we are just too busy.” Very few of us spend time getting in touch with our inner self and this is to our detriment. It is only as we go on a journey of self-discovery that we can make sense of who we are, and why we are here.


For some people, this might seem too much like a spiritual search and nothing else. This definition is far too simple. Spirituality is only one small part of self-discovery. Our inner self is the person we are when no one is around. Many people are scared of being introduced to their inner self and busyness is a means of “not having time to think” because it can be scary to think. Many people do not like their own company because then they are forced to think about things they can usually ignore. This makes some people feel very uncomfortable.


Other people have learned something important. We are more than just a physical being. We are also an intellectual being, a spiritual being, an emotional being and a social being. As we get in touch with our inner selves, life takes on a new meaning. A simple question to ask yourself is “what it is you want from life, and what are you doing to achieve it? If you can answer this, chances are you are comfortable with yourself.


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