Food for Soul: Meditation Centers in California

People, who understand the importance of self-control and inner peace, must be aware of the benefits of meditation. This self-realization process allows you to reveal you mental strengths and weaknesses and can only be completed successfully in a quiet environment. People who practice meditation usually devote a place in their houses to this practice. However to reach higher levels of tranquility you may need to go to an exceedingly serene place. Such places are called retreat areas and you can find a number of such peace centers where you can unleash you potentials to greater extends. An example of such meditation center is Institute for Internal Transformation, which is located in San Francisco, California. It offers a great number of meditation techniques that heal the soul and reinforce the need to focus. Patients here are recovered through spiritual treatments and lead a better life after a series of sessions. Through inhaling and exhaling processes, making specific postures of body and conducting mental therapies, mental and physical stress is relieved.  People also visit this center for catharsis that guides them regarding the rationale and purpose of life. You'll definitely find mental peace and serenity after spiritual treatment here. Harmonized behavior is reinforced through "Qigong" education.


To leverage the healing power of nature, a mediation center was established in Big Sur California, which is called Esalen Institute. It was built in late 70's and is a perfect place for mastering meditation techniques. Calm, quiet and serene environment ensure that you don't face distraction or disruption during your self-realization process. You can come to Esalen Institute anytime you want and can experience spiritual healing at Esalen Center. This institute also conducts a number of workshops to emphasize the importance of self-awareness and personal harmony. Natural atmosphere and peaceful surroundings support the focus of attention. Another retreat center 'Circles of Air and Stones' operates in Vermont, California where the visual sense is used to gain control over thoughts. People who participate in "vision quests" are asked to stay alone for four days and pay attention to the inner soul for exposure. Another major meditation technique practiced here is called Adventures of the Spirit and teaches a person to stay composed by taking control of his emotions.


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