Extreme Waves of the World for the Extreme Surfing Enthusiast

Surfing is certainly a fun sport to do. All the same, there will come a time when surfers will prefer to experience more intriguing and more extreme waves.  Just where can one find these extreme waves? If you're already an expert surfer and you prefer to test your skills. Here are some of the most extreme waves that the world has to offer.


First, you need to remember that surfers measure waves from the back. What this means is that if the biggest wave of the day was 30 feet according to the surfers, you'll find that the people keeping an eye on the other side of the wave will be riding a wave that can be as high as sixty feet. Imagine, if you surf a wave like this, it would be like running away from a collapsing six-story building. In Cyclops, Western Australia, you'll find the heaviest and the more serious waves that the country has to offer.


This wave is seldom surfed as its dangerous and most surfers choose using body boards as the waves here break on to shallow rocks. The wave here in Cyclops, Western Australia is a right hand wave which breaks on a coral reef. It's a fast, hollow, and powerful wave which ranges quite high in the ratings. One surfer even said that surfing it is one of the most epic thing that he did in his life. Tahiti is recognized as one of the most popular destinations for big wave surfers. Although the waves here are serious, you can’t help but admire the sheer beauty of it.


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