Dream Interpretation – Dreams About Houses

Dreams about homes are common. Dreams, both familiar and unfamiliar, are very fun to interpret and can even reveal clues about the dreamer's personality. Clues such as whether the house is familiar or strange, touching or frightening, in good condition or falling, can provide interesting information about the dreamer's conscious mind. Furthermore, every room in the house has a specific symbolic element that is unique. Dreaming of one room more than another can give clues to your state of mind, fear and anxiety. Let's start the review from our room of your "dream home".


The Attic

The attic is considered a symbol of your higher self or your spiritual growth. Dreams associated with the attic, or climbing the attic, often represent spiritual enlightenment or the pursuit of a higher purpose.


The Bathroom

The dream of a bath can mean that something is not right in your life and needs to be cleaned or refined. It can also mean that something is not working in your life and you need to move on.


The Kitchen

The kitchen can symbolize the need for nourishment, either in the form of food, or nourishment of the soul through spiritual pursuits.  What is in your dream kitchen can be revealing as well.  If the kitchen contains all that is needed for a gourmet meal, it can mean that you have all you need in life.  If, on the other hand the cupboard is bare of the kitchen is empty, it could mean you need to seek nourishment for your body and your soul.


The Dining Room

Dreaming of the dining room is similar to dreaming of the kitchen, but the dining room tends to symbolize a more immediate need for physical or spiritual nourishment.


The Living Room

The living room is a symbol of your normal daily interactions with the other people in your life.  Dreams often include meetings with many other people in the main room or living room of the house.


The Bedroom

Dreams of the bedroom can take several turns.  They can be concerned with issues of rest, or with issues of repressed sexuality.


The Upstairs

The upstairs of your “dream house” is often a symbol of your spiritual awakening or your higher self.  Dreaming of going upstairs can symbolize a desire for more spirituality or religious fulfillment.


The Downstairs

The downstairs, or basement of the house often symbolizes your subconscious minds and hidden desires.  Dreaming of the basement, especially if the dreams are disturbing, is often an attempt to deal with negative aspects of your life or your personality.


The Ground Floor

The ground floor is often seen as a symbol of the current events and daily agenda of your life, or the mundane, everyday aspects of your existence.


Old, Familiar Houses

Revisiting an old, familiar house, or a childhood home, often represents a longing to return to a simpler time.  Dreams of childhood homes can also occur when old issues from childhood are resurfacing in your life.  Events such as school reunions, or unexpectedly meeting someone from your childhood, can trigger dreams of childhood and childhood houses.


The Hallway

A hallway in a dream can often symbolize the need for a journey to an unfamiliar place in your life, or the need to explore unexplored issues.


The Porch

The porch is often seen as a symbol of being undecided about something in your life.  The porch can also be seen as a symbol of being withdrawn, uncommitted and unable to make a decision.


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