Develop Thru Yoga Visualization And Affirmation

Yoga derived from the Sanskrit word “yuji” meaning ‘yoke’ or ‘union’. Yoga is an ancient technique that contributes in bringing the mind and the body together. It incorporates the correct breathing practices, meditation, and it poses designed to encourage relaxation, calmness, and reducing of negative energies. Also, yoga have many benefits for both mental and physical health of a human being. Yoga provides us with a spiritual awakening in many ways. It is the method of practice that focuses on body and the mind. Practicing yoga, one will exercise following a disciplinary action that improves their visualization and affirmation skills. In yoga, which is the male, and Yogini the female, those that participate train to wake up their conscious mind before dawn. YOGIN believes that Brahmamuhurta or 4 a.m. is the best time of the day to focus on holiness. Once female and male awaken, they are directed to spend 30 minutes meditating. In time, the male and female must spend longer hours focusing on his or her spirituality. At this point, Yogini and Yogi reach Sirshasana. Yogi and Yogini moves to Sarvangasana. Following, Yogi and Yogini can preserve their health and grow while increasing health through performing daily workouts. 

Through visualization and affirmation, we are building disciplinary actions, such like, diet and proper exercise. If you’re not fond of eating fruits, milk, etc. Yoga will teach you how. Once you reach a higher plane of consciousness through visualization and affirmation, you move to living healthy. When doing the exercise, the male and female is being practice to only eat when the tummy says hunger. Yogi and Yogini are optimistic ways that encourage one to remove sugar and salt from their diet up to 30 days. Rice is promoted instead. The recommended drinks are milk, coffee, and tea. YOGIN practice giving charity which Yogi and Yogini are encouraged to give up eating meats, drinking alcohol, smoking, and other bad habits while practicing yoga. Milk and fruits are the strongest recommendations in yogic practice.  

As the Yogic methods is being done, you need to continue in working Yogi and Yogini moves to reduce the desire. Example of this is, if you have a desire for jeans, instead of demanding 5 pairs of jeans per week, reduce it to 2 jeans. Moreover, Yogi and Yogini are encouraged to avoid worry, that is unnecessary and live a simple life. Thinking is increased, yet one must learn to think positive. Throughout Yogi and Yogini’s life, they must not act out of anyway to cause harm to another person. This is the rule of Ahimsa Paramo Dharmah, which helps one to control hate and anger through forgiveness (Kshama) and compassion. (Daya)


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