Common Dream World Symbols And Their Real World Meanings

The world of dreams and dreams is enchanting, and even today it is a fertile ground for discussion and interpretation. Dreams are interesting, confusing and surprising at the same time, and finding out what the actual objects in our dreams really mean can be an exciting hobby as well as a way to better understand our deeper lives. Some of the most common dream symbols and their commonly attributed meanings are listed below. Of course, every dream is unique to the person who dreamed it, and when it comes to dreams, there are no hard and fast rules, just general guidelines.

The abandonment theme is a common one for dreams, and it often reflects real world fears of being abandoned or left behind.

A dream of giving birth can signal anxiety about giving birth, or of getting pregnant. Birth can also be a symbol of renewal.

Dreams of being in a church can indicate a spiritual longing, or a need for religious guidance.

In dreams, the devil can obviously represent evil, but in some cases he can stand for slyness or cunning as well.

Dreams of failure are usually indications of anxiety or worry. The failure in the dream can take many forms, such as failing a test, failing in a task at work, or attempting to do something and failing in your dream.

Dreaming you are a in a fight can mean you are struggling issues in your life, or fighting against part of your nature.

Garbage in a dream often symbolizes unwanted items. This can be a suggestion to discard old habits or characteristics.

Dreaming of using a hammer can indicate building and creativity.

Dreaming about being stranded on an island can be a manifestation of feelings of being stuck, or of not knowing what to do.

Dreaming about a key may mean that the dreamer has a secret that he is afraid to reveal.

Dreaming of landing in an airplane can symbolize that the end of a long journey (either a literal or a spiritual journey) is at hand.

Getting married in a dream can symbolize commitment, to either a partner or a new lifestyle.

Dreaming about night can mean that the dreamer is unsure about some things in his or her life. Everything is in darkness and unclear.

Dreaming about poison can symbolize something the dreamer is trying to get rid of. It can also be a symbol for pain in the waking world.

Dreaming about quicksand can mean that the dreamer feels trapped by his or her current circumstances.

Running in a dream can symbolize a desire to escape from something in the waking world.

In the dream world, a snake can be a symbol of evil, or a harbinger of bad things to come.

Hearing thunder in a dream can be a symbol of inspiration or insight. Thunder can also be seen as a warning.

Peering through a window in a dream can symbolize the dreamer’s outlook. The outlook depends on what is seen through the window, and what feelings are generated by the view.


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