Active Brains In Healing The Hidden Self

The brain must be active in order to function properly. Keeping the brain active makes it easier to think. Also, clutter doesn't increase, which helps us stay focused. When not in use, the brain triggers a permanent emotional response. We often get frustrated because we suppress and suppress the important facts that make up the whole part of the story that we often try to remember. In addition, when the brain is inactive, we often live on negative emotions that cause anger, fear, resentment, guilt, doubt, etc., negative emotions persist, which often leads to severe stress. Is. What's more, our perception of things is blurred.


The brain has innate functions that make up the subliminal, unconscious and subconscious mind. These parts surround the crown, central and lower districts of the brain, in which we can express the severely deformed or overly simple part of the brain. The natural functions of the brain control the functions of our body, such as our lungs and blood, so that these needs can run smoothly in our body and brain. When these elements of our human being become confused, it often happens because one fails to keep the brain active.


Daily brain and body exercise can expand your healing and personal development processes. Our disease processes can be beneficial if we make it a goal to enjoy reading, writing or other daily activities that require us to use the brain. By including physical exercise in your plan, you can increase your chances of healing the hidden self. Keeping the brain energetic through activity is the secret to healing the hidden self.


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