Egyptian Reiki Healing Website

Egyptian Reiki Healing Website

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Surfing on the internet will show just how much information is available. Blogs are a way of life. This beautifully made website will help you make your presence on the internet in a niche that interests you. Not only that it will help you make an income too as you can add anything you want on there - amazon - google adverts - membership subscriptions, etc. Or just use it as a blog.

Of course I can't predict how much you will make - as that depends on your marketing efforts - but you will have a fun way to make a bit of extra income (or replace your current income) in an area that you have a passion for. Do not underestimate the power of this business just because it is a pet subject for you. Of course if you just buy the site and do nothing with it then you won't make an income and the chances are that you won't get any visitors either. However, I will provide you with tools and videos to help kickstart your marketing - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The health niche continues to grow which makes this an ideal area to begin your internet career. or to strengthen it if you are already active online. Your site will come complete with a few articles already on there but there is plenty of scope to increase that. There are also videos on the site as some people prefer these to reading,

This is how the website will look:

This website is ready-to-go

Any questions just ask!

What do you get?

~ Egyptian Reiki Healing Blog Website with 2 free egyptian reiki attunements (see below for design)
~ FREE HOSTING OF WEBSITE FOR 12 MONTHS (£40 per year thereafter)
~ FREE domain name of your choice (clearly it has to be available)
~ Marketing tutorials and videos
~ Submission to search engines

No hidden costs.  everything is included. Some sellers will sell you a cheap website and then make you choose their hosting or charge you to have the site put on your own hosting  - not me -- it is all included.

This is how the website will look

You can change the colours on the site as there are about 20 different ones but the general layout is the same. Of course you can change the whole theme if you want to as it is wordpress. The sky's the limit.