Battling Romance Myths

The institution of marriage is surrounded by a number of myths, stories and advice freely offered by people on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, many people listen to and believe these pieces of so-called wisdom to the point where it doesn’t help their marriage and it only hinders its growth.  Many of the myths regarding relationships are incredibly damaging and it is unfortunate that they are such common beliefs. 


Sensationalist television, magazines and talk radio have been key players when it comes to fueling any belief that there is a battle between the sexes happening.  While there are definitively some physical and psychological differences, they are not enough to earn the term ‘battle’ as a description.  When you allow yourself to consider any kind of battle between the sexes, you risk grouping all men or all women into a certain category and that leads to stereotyping.


Nice guys finish last is one of the worst possible sayings floating around today.  Whoever thought of that and actually uttered those words must have been feeling truly low and full of self-pity because there simply cannot be any other explanation.  Nice guys never finish last.  They may have a longer and harder road sometimes, but it isn’t often that you see the bullies and jerks finishing first.  If they aren’t, who is?  It’s the nice guys, but they are so nice and gracious you don’t hear them bragging about it. 


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