When Was the Last Time You Experienced Joy?

Most of us have moments where we feel happy. We look at our children and their laughs make us smile. We go and enjoy a holiday in exotic parts of the world with friends and family. Maybe we read a good book and enjoy a picnic with our spouse. However, when was the last time you experienced pure joy?


Pure joy is that feeling your felt as a child when you were anticipating opening the presents under the Christmas tree as you woke up on Christmas Morning. It is the feeling you felt as a child when you were faced with what seemed to be the biggest ice cream you had ever seen. Do you remember feeling excitement as you waited for the gates to open at a favorite theme park?


As we grow older, we lose the sense of pure joy that captivates a child’s mind. We rarely let ourselves enjoy our activities with the reckless abandon we did as children. Perhaps the closest we come to that joy is the moment we gaze in awe at our newly born baby or look at the glowing face of our child on their wedding day.


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