When Knowledge Knocks, How Do You Answer the Door?

A proverb aptly written said, “Knowledge knocks at the door of action. If it receives a reply it stays, if it doesn’t it departs.” When was the last time you answered the door to knowledge and put it into action in your life?


We are bombarded every day with knowledge. Most of it is beneficial or useful and we read it and appreciate its wisdom. Often however, our busy lives drown out the useful information we learn and we forget it before we have time to put it into action in our life. We miss many useful like skills when we fail to action our knowledge and its worth taking a few minutes to think about knowledge that is beneficial and can even improve our quality of life.


In your journal, take time to think about ten concepts or ideas that have recently captivated your imagination and interest. It can be something fictional or non-fictional, something current or something from history. As your curiosity is excited when you think or write about these things, take time to explore them and dig deeper into learning about them. Don’t waste the spark interest, but let it ignite thirst for knowledge and personal growth. 


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