What Are Essential Oils and Do They Really Work?

Essential oils have been getting quite popular in recent years, but they have actually been around for thousands of years. In the past, people used essential oils for many reasons, from spiritual purposes to medication. Essential oils have a wide range of uses, and here is a little bit of information about the oils that have come to be known as nature’s pharmacy.


What Are They?


Essential oils are natural oils that are extracted from a plant or other source, and which retain the scent of the plant they come from. They are generally distilled.


Essential oils are used for a wide variety of purposes, from diffusing them for their fragrance, to applying and inhaling them in order to receive health benefits.


People have given anecdotal evidence of health problems that have been solved through the use of essential oils - from healing skin problems to reducing seasonal allergies and deterring insects. For many ailments, there are one or more oils that can help deal with the issue. There has been much anecdotal evidence of their benefits, as well as testing that shows them to be an effective way to deal with a myriad of issues.


How Do You Apply Them?


Essential oils are administered in three different ways. First, a person can inhale them aromatically. This can be done by using a diffuser and putting several drops of the particular essential oil into water, or just sniffing the oil directly from the bottle.


The second way is to apply them topically. There are a few essential oils that can be applied directly to the skin, but a general rule if you are unsure is to first put a few drops into a carrier oil before applying. This can be anything from olive oil to coconut oil, as well as any other natural, pure carrier oil you have around the house.


The third way to use oils is by ingesting them. Not all oils can be ingested, and one must be careful to take them in a way that is safe. If you are ingesting an oil, or even applying it topically, you must be sure to find essential oils that are pure and organic when possible. Because they are highly concentrated, a little goes a long way and they should be used sparingly.


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