Visualizing Through Affirmation

What do you think when you see someone sitting in the corner of the room with imaginary eyes and talking to yourself? Do you think this person has some kind of mental illness, or do you think he is dreaming? If the person is sitting alone in the corner and imagining himself in the future, use confirmation to make sure he wants to do what he wants to do in the future. Some people may find it ridiculous to focus on what they don't have. When one finds it difficult to stay connected to reality, one may find visualization a mental problem.


What do we consider: 12 and up 

Experiencing adolescence is another thing. Often, the long process becomes painful as the body changes and matures. Once you go through this stage, it's often easier from there. The question is whether many couldn't go through this stage. This is because the body develops and expands during puberty. Most parents cannot help their children understand their growth stages simply because they did not tell their children. The cycle continues. School children earn a degree during adolescent development, but that is often not enough.


This is where visualization and affirmation come in. We need these natural mechanisms to stay focused and positive. Otherwise, the mind will bend when the little person inside you begins to crumble and divide in all directions. This is why it is difficult for most children in adulthood to decide what they want to be when they grow up. In fact, complete personal development is the highest level of maturity one can achieve in a lifetime.


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