Understanding Various Types Of Dreams

Dreams come in a variety of disciplines and genres, and almost anything in our waking lives can be a fertile ground for redemption in the dream world. Analyzing these different types of dreams can be fun and interesting for both experts and ordinary dreamers. Over the years, dream researchers have discovered many types of dreams. Most people experience these types of dreams during their lifetime, but certain types of dreams are more common in many people than others.

Dream #1 – the Daydream
Daydreaming is not like other dreams, it happens when a person is awake. It is important to note that daydreams take place in a state of consciousness that falls somewhere between full awareness and complete sleep. Studies have shown that most people spend 70 to 120 minutes of daylight. During one iteration, the imagination is free, and it takes us to faraway places and exciting adventures.

Dream #2 – the Lucid Dream
Dreams that you know you are dreaming about, or lucid dreams, are one of the most fascinating subjects for both dreamers and dream explorers. In many cases, the realization that it is a dream immediately awakens the dreamer and puts an end to the dream. However, some people learn to stay in the dream even after knowing its nature. You can even learn to take control of your sleep and actively participate in the dream world. These lucky people often have incredible adventures night after night.

Dream #3 – the Nightmare
Most people experience at least some nightmares in their lives, and nightmares are especially common among young children. Most children experience their first nightmare by the age of three and continue to annoy them until the age of six or seven. In addition, those who have been traumatized, or who have experienced very unpleasant or shocked experiences, often suffer from very vivid nightmares that remove the traumatic experience. Such nightmares often require the help of professional counselors and psychologists.

Dream #4 – the Recurring Dream
Recurring dreams are those that seem to come again and again and again. In some cases, the same dream may recur night after night, while in other cases the theme remains the same as a change in views or details. Recurring dreams are fun to explore, and while there is often a clear relevance to real life, there aren’t many. Some people may even experience so-called narrative dreams. These dreams, which may manifest like soap operas, often resume from where they left off at night. People who have these dreams often want to go to bed and find out what will happen next.

Dream #5 – the Healing Dream
Some people, especially spiritualists, experience healthy nightmares. These types of nightmares are always viewed as messages that seek medical help from the body.

Dream #6 – the Prophetic Dream
Most people have at least one dream that seems to happen, but many claim to have predictable dreams on a regular basis. Because of the symbolic nature of dreams, it is often difficult to tell whether the dream was really a prophet or just a coincidence. In some cases, the prediction that appears is in fact a rational explanation. For example, the unconscious is capable of absorbing more information than the process of consciousness. This information is then rearranged during sleep. Perhaps he subconsciously caught various clues about the incident and made a prediction about the incident, which was eventually fulfilled.

Dream #7 – the Epic Dreams
Some people experience big, vast and epic dreams. These dreams can be compared to epidemics and blockbuster movies, and the details can be vivid and memorable months and even years after the original dreams.


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