Understanding Dream Imagery

Interpreting and analyzing dreams can be a lot of fun for the adventurous dreamer. Keeping a dream journal for a few days can sometimes provide valuable information about the meaning of your dreams and about unresolved issues in your waking life. Dream interpretation can even be part of many people's careers. 

Dreaming in color
Most dreamers report that they dream of colors at least some of the time, and many of the colors found in the dream world are brighter than those found in the real world. A quick dream color is listed below.

  • Pink – Pink is generally understood to be a symbol of love, and dreaming of pink objects can symbolize a happy love affair.
  • Red – Red has several different meanings, including passion and anger. The actual meaning of red objects in a dream is dependent on its context within the dream.
  • Black – Black is often seen as a negative symbol. Black can symbolize the a void in the dreamer’s life, or a fear of death or aging.
  • Grey – Grey is a color midway between black and white, and therefore grey is often seen as a symbol of fear or of confusion. People struggling with an important decision will often dream in shades of grey.
  • White – White is generally understood to be a symbol of purity, but like black it can also symbolize a fear of aging or death. Dreaming of white objects can also indicate a fear of change or of new surroundings.

Dreams about numbers
Numerologists likely have their own interpretations of every possible number that appears in a dream, and each number can have different meanings depending on the context of certain dreams. Many people cherish their dreams of numbers and even go so far as to play those numbers in the lottery. While we cannot guarantee you a lottery ticket, we can give you some general explanations for dream numbers.

  • One – The number one can be a symbol for wholeness or unity. Dreaming of the number one could mean that you feel your life is complete.
  • Two – The number two can stand for balance, such as spiritual balance. Dreaming of the number two could indicate a life in balance.
  • Three – Three is one of the most commonly seen numbers in dreams, and it is often thought to symbolize spiritual fulfillment, harmony or unity.
  • Five – The number five can be an indication of an upcoming change. How the number is encountered in the dream could indicate whether the change in your real life is welcomed or feared.

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