Transformation In Healing The Hidden Self

Self-awareness, self-disclosure and self-acceptance contribute to the development of the hidden self that lies within each of us. They help to build relationships in life and broaden the horizons of human beings to better understand life situations and problems. Self-awareness is our understanding of our inner self. Its complexity is also related to the concept of self-consciousness. It means analyzing one's own personality and recognizing one's own identity. It enables a person to know his strengths and weaknesses and work on it for his inner betterment. He guided her in her daily life.


Self-will is another factor that greatly helps a person in their own improvement. Only a strong willpower analyzes itself, and furthermore, trying to bring about changes in one's personality can help with one's own will. If a person does not have the will to achieve his goals to achieve success and development in life, then knowing the methods of self-healing will not be of any help. Although admitting your own mistake is not an easy task, once recognized it can lead to a big change.


The open self, hidden self, blind self, and involuntary selfies aid in human self-disclosure, further helping to bond with the inner self. The open self is a part of ourselves that we are aware of and it is how we present ourselves to others. On the other hand, the hidden self is another division of our self that we are not aware of, but it is something that others know. Last but not least is the unknown self. It is the most mysterious part of us, because neither we nor others know it.


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