Think of Yourself Achieving Your Dreams

Losing weight or improving your health is as much something that must happen in your mind and thought life as it does in your body. Many people commence a weight loss program and never follow through with it, even if in the early days their resolve is strong and enthusiastic. Others start a course with great excitement and wonder why they want to pull out of the course only a few weeks into it.


Our thought life plays a big role in our successes. Researchers have said that the concept “we are what we say we are” is actually more true a statement than we often want to admit. The time we become a smaller size in clothes, is not when the weight is lost and the inches reduced, but when in our mind we want to be and we want it so bad it directs our actions. We achieve in life when we can visualize our success in university or winning gold at the Olympics. It is at this moment our resolve, determination and confidence kicks in. and we convince our self-talk that we can do this.


Hold on the resolve that caused you to enter the writing competition or to study the hospitality course. Believe you will be 3 dress sizes smaller come the summer, or get that promotion at work you have been working so hard to get. Don’t let yourself spend time focusing on what you can’t do, but rather on what you are doing and what you can continue to work toward your goals and dreams.  No one ever achieved anything without dreaming and determining to put the dream into action and succeeding. 


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