The Value of Spiritual Self-Discovery – 1

When people embark on a journey of self-discovery, they usually focus on the physical and emotional side of their personality. Rarely do people consider the importance of spiritual self-discovery, even if they identify as spiritual side to their personality. When we take the time to explore the part of our psyche that we sometimes call spirit or soul, we discover a unique and different aspect to our personality we may not even have realized existed.


We are people made up of physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional dimensions. We experience the world and the experiences we go through in the world, by looking at them through these dimensions. This is not new. We know that humanity has always considered these dimensions. Roman and Greek mythology, Roman astrology and ancient religions are all testimony to the very real role that spirituality has played in human development.


We perhaps identify best with the moment we see a magnificent sunrise, or an amazing act of nature that leaves us in a state of bewilderment and wonder, recognizing there are things in our life that are beyond our ability to control. We have a conscious or unconscious desire to know this power and it is what we can term spirituality.


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