The Solar Plexus And Heart Chakras

The Solar Plexus Chakra is concerned with our feelings of power and control. If your sacral chakra is clear, then you are comfortable with who you are. If it is closed, then you are breaking self-esteem. The pancreas, liver and gall bladder are also involved in this cycle. Visual understanding is also controlled here. People with nightmares may experience insecure feelings about the world around them. Visionaries see the world in anger. People with ambiguity see the world as very confused. These people usually have low self-esteem and need to be forced to go where they are able to go, while people with a clear cycle accept themselves for who they are.


The pancreas is the key organ of this chakra. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas is not working properly. Maybe diabetes is a kind of emotion that is hidden and not sown in the world? Anger? Shame? Embarrassment? Emotions create a safe distance so that you don't feel what you need and don't deal with it.


The Heart chakra is associated with the perceptions and relationships of those around us - spouses, children, siblings, relatives and friends. Blood circulation through the heart and lungs is associated with this cycle and the thymus, which helps regulate the immune system. This cycle is also associated with a person who has difficulty breathing. It is difficult to breathe or leave as love. Do you have to leave the person to go or stay for a while in your life? These people also don't like to be touched enough. They are sensitive enough and it tells us something is wrong with the heart chakra. Even when they rub their backs from a trusted spouse or friend, they are not having fun and just sitting there and waiting until it's over, wondering why they went through this. The person who rubs can pick up on these feelings and relate them to the heart chakra.


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