The Root And Sacral Chakras

The Root chakra is related to our existence, security and confidence. This includes finance, housing and employment. That person is safe here and will be removed if the bicycle is opened. Insecurity and fear means the bicycle is blocked. The parts controlled by this cycle include the legs, skeletal system and extinction system. The color of this circle is red. We also need to know what the symptoms are and when they start they will lead us to real trouble. This cycle is what keeps us like Mother Earth. It also represents the relationship between us and our own mother. If you were raised by a single mother, you should have a clear and open circle. But if you are abused or ignored, this period will be blocked. In this way, your relationship becomes a model for security and home.


The Sacral chakra is interconnected with the part of our heart that deals with food and sex. It is what the body wants, what it wants and the body finds fun. Parts controlled by this cycle include the genital tract, abdomen, stomach, spleen, skin, muscle, facial muscles, and lower back. The color of this wheel is orange. The taste and water elements are related to this cycle. Those who do not have a clear wheel are afraid to climb or swim. Their taste is dull and they have no food or hunger. It returns to control this cycle in the body. It is also important whether the person is willing to feel their emotions or hide them within them. After that, the digestive system fails. When our wheels are out of alignment, everything causes consequences.


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