The Right Rx For Stress

This can happen every time you go for a routine medical visit. Your anxiety begins during your trip to the doctor. It escalates when you sit in the waiting room. He discovers that he cannot concentrate on either the television or the magazine in front of him. When they take him to the exam room, he has almost reached the stage of panic. And you haven't seen a doctor yet. Or your concern may be based on legitimate fears. For example, if you've been diagnosed with cancer or heart disease, there's a great deal of uncertainty with every doctor visit.


Dealing with doctors and dentists can be stressful for any of us. Most of us fear what we don't understand, and most medical language seems to be eyelashes. Tools are scary if we are not used to it. And there is always the fear that the treatment will look worse than the disease. There are several strategies you can use to deal with health care stress. First, your best defense is a good offense. Ask as many questions as you need of your doctor or dentist.


Also, while you’re waiting for your physician or dentist, consider engaging in some relaxation exercises. Imagine yourself walking through a field of flowers with a young child or skating like an expert on the Rockefeller Center rink. Imagine yourself in a place you love, in a less stressful situation. Through this technique, you will calm your mind and body so that you can effectively deal with the stress that comes your way. If you have friends who work in the health care industry, you can discuss your fears with them.


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