The Mirrored Body

Everything that happens to you every day is recorded in your conscious and unconscious. You alone decide how you feel about something or what you want to do next. Stress arises when you make decisions every day, this can cause physical symptoms in your body. A good example is disease. Why do some people fall ill and others do not? Why do some patients react to treatment and others do not? It is all about your attitude and the battle that you are prepared for germs or disease.


Your life energy is in every cell of your body and you can communicate with everyone. If there is a disease, you need to determine what is causing it. If you don't hear what you don't want to know? If you can't speak, what wouldn't you want to say? If you can't see, are you hiding something from yourself? There are hundreds of examples. We can learn to solve these problems, but only by asking difficult questions. We have to accept the answers if we are to feel better. You can take life by the hand or let it go by.


If the problem persists, after a while some symptoms will appear and eventually the body will develop symptoms of illness. These stresses on your body are usually associated with the stresses of your life when symptoms occur. Knowing this relationship will help you understand how to solve the problem. If you leave the problem unresolved, you will continue to get sick and show more symptoms. Your body is trying to tell you something is wrong. When you feel sick, start focusing on yourself and see if you can go back to a particular event.


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