The 3 Keys to Creating Spiritual Growth

The success of such films as “Eat, Pray, and Love” reveal that we are more in touch with our spirituality, than we are often prepared to admit to ourselves. Increasing numbers of people are deciding to take a path of spiritual discovery, exploring a side of our humanity that for many of us we have not thought much about. Yet when we do decide to accept that we are not just a physical body, we may choose to go on a path of spiritual self-discovery. Here are the three keys to creating spiritual growth that will guide that journey.


  1. Do not be afraid to think outside the box. Expand your mind to the unseen world.
  1. Spend as much time considering how to care for yourself spiritually as you care for yourself physically. 
  1. Reading about spirituality will not create spiritual growth. Healthy body growth results from exercising our bodies. Healthy spiritual growth results from exercising our spirits.


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