Taking The Stress Out Of Back-To-School

Back-to-school blues can affect anyone from kindergarten to college. Perhaps your kindergarten teacher is anxious to make friends or your student is afraid of getting grades. Concerns about starting school can affect both A-level students and those who make it. First, it is important to determine if your child suffers from school-related stress. Does he have stomach ache or headache? Does he have a negative attitude towards starting school? Is he babbling about going back to class? Is your child single He or she is hesitant to buy school supplies?


If, however, the check indicates that your child may react to stress, then you will need to engage in some stress management techniques. The most important of these is to have an open hearted conversation with your child. See if your child can express their fears. If communication is a problem, you can consider getting your child to photograph their school. Sometimes you can say a lot about a child's drawing. In your discussions, try to address your children's concerns as openly and honestly as possible. For example, if your child is concerned about a particular teacher, consider making an appointment with the teacher so that you can voice your concerns.

If your child is suffering from severe stress, you may want to consider taking them to a child psychologist. This is the person who is trained to listen and give advice to the child. Seeing a psychologist is not a sign of weakness - it is a sign of strength. You will find that your child will be happier in the long run after attending some of your counseling sessions. If your whole tribe is under pressure, you may want to consider family counseling. You can consult your family doctor or local mental health agency to consult a counselor. Sometimes we don't realize how much pressure school can put on a child.


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