Successful Personality Development

Different people have different personalities which depend on where they are from, where they grew, lived, worked and who they associated with in their lives. There are personality traits that a person inherits from their family when they are born, and there are others the person picks during their lifetime. This is usually determined by the people the person grows to associate with and the environment to which the person responds.


There are different personality types that psychologists use to classify people, but there are four of them that are major. These are sanguine, melancholy, phlegmatic and choleric. These four personalities have different strong and weak points, and every single person has a combination of two or more of all these. As a matter of fact, it is rare to find a person who does not have all of the above personalities, even if it is in the smallest percentage.


Once a person knows who they are and what traits they have, the person can now list all the strengths they have and the weaknesses they have. Using this list let the person review themselves. This is why you will hear many personality development advisors recommend that one spends enough time with themselves. During reviewing, sincerely state what you want to see changed in yourself. Is it your bad temper, your forgetfulness, your impatience, your extravagance or your domineering attitude?


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