Spiritual Deprivation of Modern Man and Its Consequences

Man has become too preoccupied in the pursuit of material things. Money is the end in itself and not a means to an end. This excessive urge for materialistic gains has made him ignore the spiritual and moral aspect of life. He considers them obsolete and unproductive. Today, man is motivated to do something only if he is assured of reasonable profit. He has no time or inclination to pause for some time and ask himself where it is leading him.


Life has become so mechanical. A child, until he becomes an adult, is pressurized every moment to excel and become skillful so that he does not lag behind in his studies. He is not given any lesson in the art of living. The total stress is on the art of how to earn a living. Therefore, from a very tender age, young minds become warped due to the obsessive preoccupation of the adults with security.


Nevertheless, today it is a pity that the spiritual aspect of the personality is totally ignored. No wonder that the youth feel so restless, demoralized and disillusioned! We have already seen how the young in the Western countries are turning towards East for solace and spiritual comfort. They experience a sense of ennui and feel impatient with the preoccupation of their parents with work and money.


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