Sensory Perceptions

It can start with an Austrian-related headache brought on for hours after looking at a computer screen. Or you may experience pain after spending an hour or more with a radial telephone receiver in your throat. After standing for about eight hours, your feet may be throbbing. However, your pain is exacerbated by stress. Stress can manifest itself in many physical ways. Headache, earache, abdominal pain, tingling and ace bumps in our hands and feet can all be signs of stress. In other words, the pressure we are under can make us physically ill.


First, close your eyes. It can be done anyway. For example, you can be sure that you will get up early to watch the sun rise on a hot summer day. The joy and comfort of seeing beautiful colors can greatly reduce the stress you feel during the day. You can also watch videotapes that include some overseas tourism. Drinking in the palm trees and the waves of the sea can calm your nerves a lot. You may also want to consider a trip to your local zoo. There, you can first observe the splendor of different species of animals, from striped zebras to panthers.


Aromatherapy is a popular relaxation technique these days. This involves treating your nose with an elegant scent. Scented candles, incense or fragrant oils help to "calm" your living space and create a calming atmosphere. Some plug-in air fresheners are also very effective in re-awakening your sense of smell. Or, you could consider cooking with ingredients that have an incredible flavor and the flavor will sink into your kitchen. Nothing appeals as freshly baked bread or tomatoes and basil sauce simmer on the stove. Be sure to check your taste buds when trying to relieve stress.


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