Self Discovery Is Learning We Are Responsible for Our Own Happiness

We spend a lot of time looking outside of ourselves for happiness. We might feel happiest when affected by alcohol or other mood changing substance. We might need our family or friends around us to feel happy or we might think that losing weight or becoming fit is the way to happiness.


Whilst these things may contribute to our happiness, our true happiness is within us and  as we find ourselves, accept ourselves and embrace ourselves only then can we find true happiness that doesn’t rely on external forces to keep us happy.


This can be one of the most freeing thoughts of all self-discoveries. Once we learn this fundamental lesson, we determine how we react when things are not going well around us. Until that moment, things happening around us often create the responses and feeling of sadness or happiness that accompany them.


Many people think of happiness as positive emotions. We associate happiness with feelings and emotions can range from feeling contented to feeling pure joy. While to think of happiness being in terms of an emotional response is normal, happiness is something that transcends emotions.


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