Self Control In Healing The Hidden Self

The necessity of life is to be aware of those around us and to be in control of our emotions and actions. Self-control is an important asset that we can acquire as individuals. In today's fast-paced world, we must be more responsible than ever for our actions and emotions. Today there is the presence of more and more people who are not in control of themselves or their actions. The immediate goal of all individuals is to have control over their mental self and, ultimately, to have control over all their emotions and actions.


We have five senses. We have to command whatever we have to expose to our five senses. Most of us are lucky to have all these senses. But are we using them properly? We need to control our senses and not let them control us. We can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. All of these give us a chance to experience life, but we have to control these senses in order to truly own ourselves. There is more to our lives than our desires and feelings, and that means we need to overcome them in order to progress.


This is possible with the use of wisdom we have but requires little effort. We must free ourselves from the need to follow the basic impulses of our experience. We need to be objective about our lives and sensitive to the intentions we choose to live. Our society today is controlled by the need for money and greed. We have been cruel and inhuman beings over the years. When we are able to overcome our actions and thoughts, we are able to stop this cycle. If we are more autonomous, we become better people.


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