Rules For Reiki

Take care of everything that happens in your life. Whether you are walking or walking the dog, be aware of everything that happens around you. Live in the moment, present. Don't worry about the next one. In this way, we follow Mikao Usui's life principles so as not to worry and not get angry.


In order for other people to maintain their own practice, you should do Reiki yourself daily. It keeps the energy flowing and as a doctor you stay blocked. However, if your dizziness gets blocked, there is no other way you can help someone else. You will become a better channel of Universal Life Force and Reiki Energy. When treating, don't worry about getting it right. Listen to your insights and where you feel you have been shown. If you spend a minute on the heart cycle and ten on the throat, that's fine. Similarly, in another person, if you have spent only three in the throat. Different people will need different bicycles. When you feel cold or dizzy, you know that this is where you need to work.


Make sure you have a specific routine for treatment. Follow these instructions with each reiki treatment. Start with your head and go through all the chakras. Do both elbow and knee chakras. There is a rule that what you do on one side must also be done on the other side. Therefore, pay attention to the left, right, front and back. When you're done, stick to their affirmations and help them. Never reach out to anyone when you are angry or upset. Reiki does not flow. Reiki is a universal vital force that is used only in good faith. If you feel sick when trying to treat it, it won't work. I always feel good when I give treatment. Otherwise, I'm worried about quitting.


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