Reiki Symbols

The Reiki symbol has been kept secret until recently. It is believed that the symbol cannot be used until it is in harmony with Reiki. These symbols represent the energy and power used during Reiki treatment. They help practitioners increase the flow of energy in specific areas as needed. Of course, there are variations of these symbols in different schools in Reiki. They all represent energy and all work the same. That means giving them their power.


Cho ku rei is the power symbol and Reiki are used to focus energy. You can drag this symbol into the air on the affected limb or body part and push it into your body. This helps anchor the doctor's treatment intention within the patient's body. You can also use this symbol to recharge the crystal or even to eat with every meal.


Sei he ki is the mental emotional symbol. It helps to bring Reiki in harmony with all parts of your brain. Sometimes it is used to get rid of bad habits or to start a new method in your life.


Hon sha ze sho nen is the symbol of Reiki distance. This helps lead to past, present, or future problems. It also helps with past life problems. You can also use this symbol for telemedicine for patients who cannot travel. Some masters are grateful to have used it at the end of the session to help your healing anchor and give you the opportunity to assist in your recovery process.


Dai ku myo is the guru symbol. It activates self-empowerment and opens up your spiritual connection. This symbol is believed to function at a genetic and cellular level. It connects us to God and our Higher Self. It is also a symbol used by the Reiki Masters to activate the voting process. It was also used as a symbol of protection. If you are afraid you can drag it on paper or in the air.


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