Reiki FAQ

What is Reiki Energy? Reiki energy is known as a universal life force. It is also known as Ki, Qi, or Chi in different parts of China. It is taught to us by the Reki masters. We learn to channel it after hearing it. Then we share it with other people.

How do you feel about the energy of Reiki? For different people, it will feel different. Some people experience spinning, some see bright colors, some have beautiful vision, and others do not feel anything. It depends on where the practitioner is.


How does Reiki treatment work? The practitioner begins to heal from the crown chakra and descends completely to the root chakra, opening any blocked chakras. Then they work on each elbow and knee, and you flip them over and they work on your back chakras. After you find out all about it, you will roll onto your back as they anchor in your affirmation and thank you for letting them heal you.


How does Reiki Energy Reza know where to go? If you have any specific pain, the doctor will still treat your whole body. If Reiki is needed in a certain place, it will flow in that area. Your higher self knows where you need to heal and will direct Reiki to get you there. If the higher self decides that it does not want Reiki, it will prevent it from entering the body.


When is Reiki Effective? Reiki is good for almost any injury. Give Reiki to the person while waiting for the ambulance. Give something before the operation and when they come out. There are many instances when Reiki, from the onset of injury or illness, can really cut the time to heal. But even if Reiki started in the middle, Raja knows where he needs it and he goes to work in that field.


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