Reiki And Psychic Debris

Psychological debris will accumulate at all levels and block your life force. These wastes begin in the mental and emotional body. So if you don't take care of it, diseases can occur in the physical body.


These debris are a reflection of your past experiences. When you experience an emotion, you act and gain an understanding of the emotion and release it. With psychological debris, it only clings to you because you were too young or inexperienced to deal with the emotions when you were born. You have to be careful while starting Reiki. The port you are tying can break freely during the tunnel, but it can stay with someone else in the room. You will learn to protect yourself while giving healing sessions. Otherwise, you will begin to feel the same emotions as the person you are trying to deal with. You will feel sick to your stomach, dizzy, and dizzy. As soon as you take the time to clean and balance, you will return to normal. Once you clear the debris in your mental and emotional body, you will start thinking more clearly and gain a deeper understanding of feelings and thoughts. You are also open to positive change in your life. As soon as the blockages go away, you will gain a higher level of awareness. Your Reiki strength will once again return to its normal flow. It is a continuous process and you have to be updated daily with balance and compensation.


If you don't balance the emotions you receive from others and clear yourself every day, you can adversely affect your system. It can be mental, emotional or physical. Fear, tension, anger, and happiness can occur while walking in a crowded elevator. Try to learn to protect yourself from spiritual debris.


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