Reiki And Brain Waves

Controlling brain wave patterns gives you access to advanced states of consciousness. These include psychological progress, mental growth, astral travel, and Reiki healing. All you have to do is control these patterns and open yourself up to learning to type freely. Reiki is very useful for those who want to raise awareness and awareness.


The first is Beta wave. This is the conscious mind. Here we suffer from stress, anxiety and fear. It is important that we go ahead and start working. The second is the Alpha wave. It is a sleeping or unconscious mind. It also helps control our extrasensory perception, subconscious suggestions and can lead us to higher states of consciousness. This is only a minimal state: the first stage. We can access hidden memories, visions of the future or even past lives. Sometimes we even solve a problem that has been worrying us for several weeks and we wake up knowing the answer. The third is the Theta wave. It unlocks the subconscious mind. This wave is still deep in external perception and may be the beginning of psychokinesis. This is the level that can help you stop the pain and achieve high hypnosis levels. When you meditate, this is the level you want to reach. The fourth Delta is the waveform. This leads us to a very conscious mind. This wave is seen during deep sleep. This is the level where your spiritual strength, knowledge and experience become available to you. You can contact your spirit guides, see past lives, travel in space and connect with your higher mind.


When you practice Reiki every day, take time to feel the energy inside and around you. Before long, you will see different brain waves and start to find out who you have reached.


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