Quitting Smoking—Is It Possible?

Are you sitting in that very difficult place of wanting to stop smoking but no matter how strong your resolve is when you start the day with, by the end of it you have given up trying to be strong and given in to the cravings that seem futile to resist?


We all know the statistics for cigarette related deaths and we all know that giving up the habit has immediate benefits for the body that just keeps getting better with time. Yet, more people are learning this, and people are still starting to smoke and others just do not want to give it up enough to follow their resolve to quit.


So what is the solution? Is there a solution? Is quitting smoking possible? The good news is that hundreds are successfully giving up the habit and not returning to it. Others have tried a variety of ways to give it up and have not been as successful. Some of these ways include


  • Just giving up: This technique involves making the decision not to smoke and simply stopping. It has proven highly effective for some people.
  • Gradually stopping: Many people try this technique, but with only limited success. The usual response of the body is to crave more nicotine than it is getting and many people who have tried to give up smoking, cite this reason as the main reason they didn’t succeed.
  • Nicotine Alternatives: Many people have used nicotine patches and gum as an alternative to smoking it in a cigarette. These alternatives provide a low dose of nicotine that helps the body stave off the cravings that inevitably reduce the resolve to quit. This method is considered a very successful treatment to help a smoker to quit the habit.
  • Stop Smoking Clinics: Clinics operated by anti-cancer councils and community groups provide a peer support approach that assists people to stop smoking and are a successful alternative natural treatment option.


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