Positive Thinking Series—Power Attraction, Power Play

Positive living is the only way to live a healthy and successful life. Carrying negative garbage with us all through will just derail us from our pursue of success. In fact, we can never function properly if we always dwell on the negativity that has been inflicted on us. Rejection is one of the major ways in which negativity infects us. The word ‘no’ simply represents rejection. For a positive thinker, this word should be a stepping stone to success. It should give us the strength and zeal to pursue success even more.


This also applies to the individuals that are in power. “Power Attraction, Power Play” is a book in the Positive Thinking Series that deals with this particular topic. In its first phase, it shows us how to attract power. There is no way that one claim to be in power without any kind of powers to show for it. Therefore, positive thinking is the best way to attract power. With a positive mindset, one can easily rise to a position of power. This may not necessarily be in your workplaces; it can be in any kind of set-up. Those around you will pick you due to the amount of success you will get from positive thinking.


Attracting the powers lies in the proper use of ‘the law of attraction’. In simple terms, seek first a positive mindset and the rest will follow. However, there is a particular manner in which one should use this power. There is whole chapter in “Power attraction, Power Play” that speaks of power regulation. Do not over use it or under use it. Just be moderate in how you use it. This book can really come in handy for a particular type of persons. Examples include business entrepreneurs, life coaches, network marketers, self improvement writers and content writers to mention just but a few.


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